Kids Lessons



For Kids Lessons, Chase Watersports Centre Offers Cutting Edge, which is a fantastic youth development programme that offers young skiers and riders the chance to get into a water sport discipline, develop their skills and even progress to competition level. They can track their progress against their friends – achieving goals and earning rewards as they progress.

Cutting Edge has been designed by some of the world’s best coaches, skiers and rider especially for you. The programme is available to anybody who uses a British Water Ski & Wakeboard club or ski school.

There are 3 awards to achieve.


You have grasped the essential basic skills needed for any discipline. You will receive a certificate showing the skills you have achieved.


You have developed the basic skills learnt on the Bronze award for your chosen discipline. You have worked through and “ticked off” all the skills in the 3 stages of the Silver award. You will receive a Silver Cutting Edge wristband.


You have developed your skills further to a competition standard in your chosen discipline. You have also learnt how a competition works and how to earn valuable extra points at competition level. You will receive a Gold Cutting Edge wristband and a complimentary competition licence.

Participation certificates can be awarded if you haven’t had enough time on the water to achieve the Bronze award.

Chasewater Sports Centre operates one of the largest Cutting Edge Coaching Schemes in the country. We welcome all to come and learn to water-ski and Wakeboard to achieve the different levels set out by the Cutting Edge Scheme from the BWSF. This is taught by our onsite instructor, from getting on the water for the first time to Wakeboarding, Waterskiing Knee boarding and Barefoot, all disciplines are taught. This year the cutting Edge Scheme will start on Saturday 11th of May and every Saturday throughout the summer.

Cutting Edge

Saturday Morning £10.00
All other times £15.00
Parties And Group Bookings are also available.

Inflatable Rides

Banana 10 – 15 mins – £8.00 pp minimum 4
Sofa – 10 mins – £10.00 pp minimum 2

The club has a Ski Nautique tournament ski boat for everyone to use and enjoy it includes Training boom, ballast, perfect pass and a tower.

Contact Jeff or Roy on 07402 902498 or 07860 357117 or email