What activities do we do at Chasewater?

The basis of this club is a members based water sports club where you can use your own boat for water skiing in all forms (pair, mono, slalom, trick, jump, barefoot), Wakeboarding, Kneeboard, Wakesurfing, Airchair and just for fun (especially for the younger members) the use of inflatable, ringos and doughnuts.

Do you do sailing or windsurfing?

No, but we do share the lake with Chase Sailing Club. The lake is demarcated across the middle of the lake keeping the two activities separate and safe. They can be contacted at Chase Sailing Club, Pool Road, Chasetown, Walsall, WS7 8QW. Tel. 01543 686390

Can Jet skiers use the lake?

No, in the interests of safety (particularly with regard to skiers in the water) Jet Ski’s are not permitted at the club.

How do I get the most out of the sport and/or the club?

Buy a boat. The initial outlay of boat ownership can be expensive but the sport (and club) offer great value for money entertainment for the whole family once set-up (typically £30 to £40 of fuel per day compared to the price of family entrance to a theme park or supporting your favourite football team). Boat prices range from £1,500 to many thousands of pounds for a tournament boat.

I am looking to buy a boat but what should I buy?

The boat that you buy will depend on what you intend to use it for and how much you have to spend. The general limitations at the club are as follows:

  • All boats must be in good working order and will be subject to the clubs scrutineering procedure
  • Boats must only have one engine (Seadoo accepted) i.e. twin engine racing boats are not allowed.
  • Minimum engine size is 40hp
  • Minimum boat size is 13′
  • Maximum boat size is 23′

Why not contact the club and discuss with management or members the virtues of boats and boating. You will gain a great deal of information this way and will get a good feel for what will suit your needs. We always have boats advertised on the notice boards most of which are well known to the club and can be tried and tested prior to purchase. To contact, please email enquiries@chasewaterski.co.uk

Do I have to be a member to use my boat on the lake?

Yes. All boats on the lake are club members. All new members are properly inducted, provided with a copy of the club rules, shown the health and safety video and are given tuition (if required) in the safe operation and handling of boats (and skiers) on the lake. All members must carry the correct insurance. All members are asked to complete the Speed Boat Drivers Award (SBDA2) qualification within their first year of membership. All of the above help fulfil the club’s primary objective of maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Is there a waiting list for membership?

No. The club welcomes all applications for membership using the membership forms on the membership tab above.

There are currently waiting lists for boat storage and caravan pitches. To be added to one or more of these lists, please contact enquiries@chasewaterski.co.uk.

Once a member is there any restrictions to lake usage?

No. Once a member you can ski from dawn to dusk, 365 days per year (With the exception of approximately 4 weekend days per year when the whole lake is given to the sailing club for national events. We too have national or key local events when we have use of the entire lake. On some of these days also the water will be closed to members although support at such events is always encouraged and welcome).

How much is membership?

Discounts are offered to new members. For up to date information please contact Jason via enquiries@chasewaterski.co.uk

Are their any additional fees once a member?

No. There are no additional slip fees or daily charges for skiing once you have become a member.

Is it mandatory to comply with all club rules such as the wearing of life jackets?

Yes. The club rules are there for your own safety, for the safety of other members and the safety of other visitors to the club. The club rules will be enforced as appropriate in a polite and professional manner in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all. The wearing of life jackets at all times when on a boat on the water is required, as well as the wearing of life jackets by children at all times whilst on boats and/or stood on jetties.

200 acres of water
Open 365 days a year
Changing facilities, toilets & showers
Club house with Bar & Restaurant open Wednesday – Friday from 5pm, Open all day at Weekends
2 slipways and jetty mooring for 30 + craft
Slalom course
Ski Jump
Wakeboard Kicker & Slider
On-site LPG
Camping & Caravanning facilities
Busy social events calendar